• RJL selfie smallI am a story teller, connector, creator who seeks the authentic and what makes life extraordinary. I use my camera, curiosity about people and creative problem solving to do this work. 
  • I  create a beautiful and personal collection of images that tell your story. My photos convey my warm, playful and artistic personality. I work with you to understand what you want your pictures to convey, how you want your photo experience to unfold, which images you want to showcase and how. My photos convey an emotional document of special events, quiet moments and everything in-between.
  • Part of the LGBTQ community, I have been documenting queer events in the Twin Cities of Minnesota since 2010, when she returned to her hometown, Minneapolis. 
  • I studied art at Seattle University with an emphasis in photography, graduating in 2008. Seattle University’s social justice mission helped guide my interest in story telling and photography into tools for inspiring social change. 
  • I am the founder of  Telling Queer History, a gathering created to connect queer folks of all kinds and ages around our collective and personal histories through storytelling in order to create a sense of community, legacy and connection.
    You can read more about TQH on our facebook page here, www.facebook.com/tellingquistory.