Testimonials & Clients


“For our family, working with Rebecca Lawrence for our photo was a fun, spontaneous, and playful experience. We wanted a family photo that captured the essence of our beautiful family and the environment we live in. Many of our friends let us know how much delight it gave them to receiving it [the photos from RJL Photography].”

-Paul Rozycki, Family Portrait Client

“I had a great experience working with RJL Photography. She was incredibly professional and helped me feel comfortable and relaxed while shooting on location. The photos came quickly after the shoot and were beautifully crafted. I cannot wait to work with her again!”

– Josephine Belle, Burlesque Performer & Boudoir Client

“Rebecca’s photography captures the vibe and excitement of the event. Her images reveal the emotions of the attendees from excited and gleeful to reflective. Rebecca makes sure to capture everything that goes into a successful event- from the food and entertainment to the volunteers and featured presenters of the program. I am very pleased with the beautiful energetic documentation I received from Rebecca, and plan to continue our relationship with her as one of our go-to photographers.”

-Ryan Kroening, PFund Events and Outreach Coordinator, Fundraiser Client

“It was a pleasure to work with Rebecca as the photographer for our wedding. She was always responsive and very professional. We felt she listened to what we wanted while putting her artistic touch in the photos. We loved the day and the final products!”

– Zena and Stephanie, Wedding Clients 

“I want to reach out to you and say, YES. THANK YOU. YOU GET IT. My father ran his own photography studio for years before I was born, and he taught me a thing or two about how to put together a well-constructed shot. But this does not make me a photographer and I don’t pretend that it ever could. I have at least enough of an eye to know that my images are not worthy of calling myself a photographer, and to see the difference between these other fauxtographers and That Which You Do. You’ve got it. You do it and you do it WELL. Thank you for sharing your art and thank you for taking such well-deserved pride in what you do.”

-Ginna FunkWallace, Poet and Queer Activist